Focus on seafarer’s job


Wondering what a day as a Master looks like ?
What are the qualities to be a good seafarer?
What are the different jobs on board ?
To answer all these questions, discover the activities, responsibilities and required certificates for the main on-board jobs.

Master Deck Officer Deck Rating – Boatswain
The Master supervises all activities on-board assisted by the Chief Officer and the Chief Engineer. The function of officers in charge of a navigational watch (Deck Officer) can be held on-board all types of vessels of the merchant marine according to the size of the vessel. As deck ratings team leader, the Boatswain plans the daily activities and assigns jobs to the able seamen.
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Deck Rating – Able seaman Chief Engineer Engine Officer
The Able seamen (AB) participate to all manoeuvres of the vessel at sea or in the port… The chief engineer manages and supervises the engine crew members: engine officers, electrician, oiler etc. The Engine office is under the responsibility of the Chief Engineer. The Engine Officer supervises the engine ratings: fitter, oiler and electrician.
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Engine Rating – Oiler
The Oilers participate to the maintenance and repair of the main and secondary engines and equipment of the vessel…
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