Engine Officer


Diploma – STCW Certificate of competencies

– A-III/3 (vessels > 750 KW and < 3000 KW)
– A-III/1 (vessels > 3000 KW)


The Engine office is under the responsibility of the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer gives him the instructions and maintenance actions to carry out. The Engine Officer supervises the engine ratings: fitter, oiler and electrician.
Using the only source of energy available on board (fuel or gas), the engine room is responsible of the good operations of engines to supply 24h/7days the necessary power to run the vessel.
The Engine Officer monitors also dedicated equipment to cargo and chartering operations.
Like any other engine crew members, the Engine Officer must work hand-in-hand with the deck department.

Required skills
The Engine Officer has various technical knowledge and skills, a good experience of the engine room and the ability to work in a team. He/She uses his capacity of investigation, his rigorousness to solve technical issues and to report incidents.
Considering the large range of type of vessels in the merchant marine, the Engine Officer must be able to adapt to divers engine power, technologies.

–        Strong experience at sea and experience of navigation
–        Take efficient decisions during operations
–        Take initiatives
–        know how to lead a team
–        interpersonal skills to ease relationships on-board

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