Personnel management services : our partners


And more than 900 seafarers and technicians around the world.


Serge Monnot, Crewing Manager of Bourbon Offshore Surf.

PMS* has been providing personnel for Bourbon Offshore Surf vessels for more than 6 years. Since BOS** noticed the high level of performance, PMS became naturally a reliable and key player for our vessels operated in West Africa and all over the world.

The key strengths of PMS are mainly :
– A very good level of competences of workforce :
As they are well sourced and recruited, the seafarers employed by PMS and working on BOS vessels show always a good level of competences and discipline. From rating to officers positions, the high retention rate secures competences acquisition and development. This confers to PMS a good pool of seafarers able to deliver and progress in ship manager fleet.
– A High level of management system :
Based on an important network in West and North Africa, PMS service is built on an efficient and relevant management system. The management system complies with international requirements for manning services and moreover responds to all industry and best players requirements.
– A Close follow up of personnel :
The regular interviews and meetings between seafarers employed and PMS operational team ensures an optimal personnel follow up. This close communication guarantees a good understanding of vessel personnel on ship managers expectations and feed back.
– A client oriented policy :
The PMS management has always been in an attentive and constructive position with respect to BOS expectations. This makes an appreciable and efficient relationship.

All these made PMS a very good partner for manning that I would highly recommend.

*PMS : Pelican Marine Services
**BOS : Bourbon Offshore Surf