PHOTO SangamI am Baboubadi SANGAM, 50 years old. I am Togolese and I did my studies at the maritime Academy in Le Havre and Marseilles (France). I got the certificate of competence of Unlimited Master.
I started on Ro-Ro vessels from the ship-owner OT African Line. Then, I joined Pelican Marine Services in 2010 to embark as Master for Sea-Tankers, French Tanker company specialised in Oil & Gas transport.

The specificities of such Tankers is related to the oil loaded. The safety is the top priority at all time to avoid any marine pollution, fire or injuries of the crew members.
For the Ro-Ro, the main specificity is the stowing and lashing of the vehicles and goods, the efficiency of the operations of loading and unloading.

The Master, as representative of the ship-owner on-board and person in charge of the vessel, must be professional and have a strong leadership.
He must accept the responsibilities of his position, toward the personnel, the vessel, the goods and regarding all safety and security matters.

Pelican Marine Services is very professional. The Seafarer Employment Agreements are clear and its terms are respected.
The seafarers of Pelican Marine Services are qualified and competent for the job they are hired.