Chief engineer from Ro-ro to Offshore



Chief Engineer


I sail for 22 years now and I hold a certificate of competency of unlimited Chief Engineer.

Through my career I had the opportunity to embark on different types of vessels for various maritime sectors. I started as engine officer for the company IMTC on-board Roll on/Roll off (Ro/Ro), General Cargo and Roll on/Roll Off-Passengers (Ro/Pax) vessels. Then I sailed as Chief Engineer on-board Tugs for the company SCRA and lately on-board Offshore vessels from Bourbon Group and Promar Shipping.

The specificities of Ro/Ro vessels are their door(s) in the hull and their access ramps to reach the “parking bridge” for rolling goods (vehicles, trailers…).
One of the advantages of horizontal handling is its rapidity; by opposition to the vertical handling – called Lo/Lo for Load in/Load off – which require lifting gears like container ships.

The Ro/Pax vessels offer more spaces for their passengers (cabins, restaurants, café, shops etc.). In addition to the seafarers, catering members are dedicated to serve the passengers onboard.
Those ships are also meeting places and give opportunities to the travelers to meet people from all walks, even celebrities !

As for Offshore vessels, their main functions are to support and supply the offshore rigs: Transport of personnel from/to Offshore sites (Crew boats), transport of various material, heavy packages, mud, water etc. (PSV), fast transport (FSIV), towing of barge (Tug), anchor handling of rigs (AHTS), subsea intervention with ROV (MPSV).
They contribute also to the safety of the rig (fire fighting, personnel evacuation).

Regardless the type of the vessels, the Chief engineer is in charge of the good operations and maintenance of the different technical elements on-board (propulsion, electrical production, automation, hydrolic systems, air-conditionner…). He/She supervises the engine crew members.

Some required skills (but not limited to) for a chief engineer are:
–  Autonomous and well-organised
– Team leader, enthousiasm and dynamism
– Have strong technical know-hows and experience in engine room
– Capacity to analyse, rigourous

Pelican Marine Services (PMS) and its network APREMAR have a key role in the hiring and training process of the seafarers; in compliance with the international maritime requirements. I think the PMS team works hard to ensure that PMS seafarers are well qualified and can run their sea time in the best conditions and with satisfaction.

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