Deck Rating – Boatswain


Diploma – STCW Certificate of competencies

– A-II/4


The Boatswain, also called Bosun, is part of the deck department. He/She receives his/her instructions from the chief Officer or deck officer.

As deck ratings team leader, the Boatswain plans the daily activities and assigns jobs to the able seamen. As work is completed, the Boatswain checks on completed work for compliance with approved operating procedures.

Outside the supervisory role, the Boatswain regularly inspects the vessel and performs a variety of routine to maintain all areas of the ship not maintained by the engineering department. These duties can include cleaning, painting, and maintaining the vessel’s hull and deck equipment. A Boatswain’s skills may include cargo rigging, winch operations, deck maintenance, working aloft, and other duties required during deck operations.

Moreover, a Boatswain may be called upon to lead firefighting efforts or other emergency procedures encountered on board. Effective Boatswains are able to integrate their seafarer skills into supervising and communicating with members of deck crew with often diverse backgrounds.

Required skills

Independently of the vessel type, the safety and security principles, the protection of the environment apply and require the following skills:

– Technical skills
– Availability, rigorousness, vigilance
– Adaptability
– Leadership

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