Testimony from offshore – PADASSE Tchaa

I am PADASSE Tchaa, I am 30 years old. I am Togolese and I studied at the Maritime Institute (ISEM) in Casablanca – Maroc. Graduated in 2008 with a diploma of deck officer of the watch, I started to sail as deck cadet before joining Pelican Marine Services (PMS) in 2010 as deck officer. I am currently deck officer on board the vessel “Minorque” (from Sea-tankers). Since, I sign-on regularly on board Sea-tankers’ vessels.

My professional project is to become a Port Pilot*. PMS gives me the opportunity to carry out my project through regular sea times and the experience I acquire as seafarer. Since I started to sail, I got to enjoy this job thanks to the trust of PMS team gave me and the HR system of the company based on listening and assisting their seafarers.

With its extended partnerships with maritime companies, PMS increases the opportunities of mobility for the seafarers and give us confidence regarding the future of our job.

PMS is a serious agency, starting with its partnerships with ship-owners. As an example, Sea-tankers develops continuously its management system to ensure the security on board; the company is focusing on QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) and worked on the implementation of the MLC 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention). I am particularly thankful for the generalisation of internet on board. It allows me to get an opened window on the world and to carry on research and learning during sea time.

I can say that PMS offers a decent work to their personnel. In addition, PMS subscribes to accidents/illness insurance cover and retirement. Salaries are always paid on time. Yes, Pelican Marine Services protects its seafarers.

*Port Pilot: The Port Pilot is an advisor for the captain to manoeuvre a vessel in and out of a port.