Testimony from offshore – Etchri Ekpe ATTISSO

I am Etchri Ekpe ATTISSO, Togolese of 31 years old. I studied at the Regional academy of maritime studies in Ivory Coast.
I hold an Ivorian Certificate Of Competency (COC) and I am working as Deck Officer since 2009.

I started working with Pelican Marine Services (PMS) in December 2010 as Second Officer for Bourbon Offshore Surf.
I had only one year experience as deck officer when I joined Pelican Marine Services. Then after I got the opportunity to pass through the DPO (Dynamic Positioning Operator*) process so I have been on board as Trainee DPO, Junior DPO, Certified DPO and now I’m working in the DP/Chief Officer position.
The keys strengths that possess PMS is its experience with the management of the seafarers and it strives for continued excellence.
A part of that, PMS is proactive in career development of all seamen, from certification to social care. The PMS team does the best to let everyone kept his/her certificates up to date. Also PMS subscribes as well to a retirement pension and a health care insurance, for all the seamen under contract. With PMS, the job is quiet stable ; the respect of schedule is key for the seafarer and freelance management.

*The Dynamic Positioning (DP) is a system which enables to keep a unit (vessel or rig) fixed and stable in a determined position at sea. DP systems became a must in the offshore industry to guarantee the security of the operations.
To learn more about the DP and its specific training program, visit the Nautical Institute website : http://www.nautinst.org/en/dynamic-positioning/index.cfm