master-bandeauDiploma – STCW Certificate of Competencies

– A-II/3 (vessels < 500 UMS)
– A-II/2 (vessels > 500 UMS)

The Master supervises all activities on-board assisted by the Chief Officer and the Chief Engineer.

From one or two crew members up to hundreds of crew members, the Master is responsible of his teams:

– Deck team : in charge of the navigation
– Engine team: in charge of the maintenance, engines, equipment, pumps etc.
– General department for passengers ships in charge of catering, housekeeping etc.

The Master ensures directly a large number of activities:

– Berthing and unberthing of the vessel assisted by the port pilot.
– The navigation: determine the best itinerary according to the destination, weather and adjusted to the speed of the vessel etc.
– The Chief Engineer supervises the engine room and reports directly to the Master.
– The Master is responsible of the safety, security and pollution prevention on-board, he ensures the respect of all procedures in line with SOLAS, ISPS and MARPOL conventions.
– He ensures the respect of the MLC convention (working organisation, employment contracts etc.)
– He can be in direct contact with Port and flag authorities.
– He is responsible of the passengers and transported goods.

Masters can work for different types of vessels according to the maritime industry:

– Cargo ships (oil/chemical tankers, container ships, bulk carrier, general cargo carrier, car carriers…)
– Transport of passengers (car-ferries, cruises etc.)
– Specialized marine activities (oceanographic or seismic research, exploration or operating offshore, laying submarine cables, marine materials extraction etc.)
– Port activities (dredging, towing etc.)

Required Skills:

– Expert in maritime navigation
– Know how to delegate activities and manage crew members
– Proficient knowledge of IT and electronic systems on-board
– Proficient knowledge of maritime law
– Know how to set-up, follow budget

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